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3D Printing at the Microscale Will Cut Cost and Size

Publish Date: August 26, 2016
Optomec's Aerosol Jet systems have now been used by several customers for printing 3D polymer and composite structures at the micron scale with embedded electronics and biomedical applications.

3D Printing Adds Value All Along the Value Chain

Publish Date: August 24, 2016
3D printing is now adding value to manufacturers at all steps along the business value chain. Come find out how at a talk by John Jaddou at next month's Embedded Systems Conference in Minneapolis.

6 New 3D Printing Technologies for Cars, Planes & Implants

Publish Date: August 23, 2016
These new 3D-printing technologies and printers include some that are truly boundary-breaking: a sophisticated new sub-$10,000, 10-plus materials bioprinter, the first industrial-strength silicone 3D-printing service, and a clever twist on 3D printing and thermoforming for making high-quality realistic models.

New Catalyst for Biodegradable Plastics Is Fast and Cheap

Publish Date: August 22, 2016
A team of researchers at Stanford University and IBM Research have developed a catalyst that could quickly and inexpensively generate biodegradable plastics derived from renewable materials.

Secrets for a 1,500-MPG Car Revealed

Publish Date: August 19, 2016
A student team at the recent NIWeek 2016 conference shared its insights into the design of an engine control system for a car that set a fuel efficiency record of more than 1,500 miles per gallon.

How Engineers Are Dealing with Challenges of Optical Heart Rate Monitoring

Publish Date: August 18, 2016
Five years ago, optical heart rate tracking seemed like an obvious successor to the popular chest straps used by many fitness buffs, but the technology has faced myriad engineering challenges on its way to market acceptance.

Do Optical Sensors Provide Reliable Heart Rate Data?

Publish Date: August 17, 2016
Optical heart rate monitors, hailed as a promising new technology when they hit the market a few years ago, are starting to see some backlash.

ORNL Speeds Up 3D Printing at the Nanoscale

Publish Date: August 16, 2016
Using simulation to guide the drafting process can speed up the design and production of 3D-printed nanostructures, reduce errors, and even make it possible to scale up the structures. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a model that does this.

6 New Plastics For Cars, Electronics & Medical Devices

Publish Date: August 15, 2016
These new plastics are all aimed at cars, electronics and electrical components, plus medical devices, medical tool sterilization, and cleaning.

Suppliers Design Materials for 3D Printing from the Ground Up

Publish Date: August 15, 2016
Engineers need workhorse materials with beefy mechanical properties for industrial designs made with 3D printing. Very few have been designed from the ground up for additive manufacturing, but that picture is beginning to change.