Clear Rigid PVC Resists UV in Outdoor Tubing Applications

Company Name: 
Teknor Apex Company

A new rigid vinyl compound with a specially developed UV-blocking formulation provides clarity for photobioreactor and other outdoor tubing, along with high gloss and toughness for weatherable profile applications, it was announced today by Teknor Apex Company.

Apex® RE 9118A is a transparent compound with less than 15% haze. The UV-blocking formulation substantially reduces the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the PVC while permitting passage of wavelengths that are essential in processes like algae farming for biofuel and other applications. The tensile, flexural, and impact properties of the compound are comparable to those of standard general-purpose rigid vinyl.

The new material is the only one available from a diversified PVC compounder that combines good clarity and high resistance to UV, said Michael J. Renzi, business development manager for the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex.

“By virtue of its lower cost, lighter weight, and greater resistance to breakage, rigid vinyl provides a superior cost-performance alternative to the glass piping used in ‘green energy’ applications, as well as to high-cost engineered thermoplastics such as polycarbonate,” said Mr. Renzi. “Our PVC compound withstands continued exposure to sunlight while allowing passage of energy needed for bioprocessing and enabling technicians to monitor the status of their systems.”