MassaSonic™ FlatPack™ Compact Dual Transducer

Company Name: 
Massa Products Corporation

Massa Products Corporation, introduces MassaSonic™ FlatPack™ Compact Ultrasonic Sensors – your go to sensor for those must have measurements as close as 1 inch away! “We worked to develop a new ultrasonic sensor that will benefit our customers by saving them time and heartache, while increasing their efficiency.”, says Don Massa, CTO and President of Massa Products Corporation. “The FlatPack™ Series of Ultrasonic Sensors utilize a novel combination of mechanical, electronic, and transducer designs specifically developed to achieve accurate distance measurements in applications where other sensors can’t operate. Very close detection ranges of uneven target surfaces in small tight locations are no longer a problem. At Massa we specialize in the design and development of core electroacoustic technology of both ultrasonic transducers and systems, which enables us to produce products that meet the needs of our customers.”

MassaSonic™ FlatPack™ combines expert transducer design, with newly developed software and firmware, in a slender package. The IP 68 rated, CE certified, FlatPack™ operates over temperature ranges from -40°C to 70°C. The innovative FlatPack™ can make accurate measurements within 0.1% in the most rugged of environments over distances as close as 1 inch and as far away as 13 feet! It is ideal for use with a variety of chemicals, fluids, and even solids. FlatPack™ is the finest choice for industry, automation, turbulence, collision avoidance, robotics, amusement parks, pipes, conveyors, shoots, dry goods, and virtually anywhere that you need to make an ultrasonic measurement.

Of course it’s all about quality in form, fit, and function, because The MassaSonic™ FlatPack™ is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by the Innovative team at Massa Products Corporation. Massa has been in business for over 70 years, and it was Massa that made ultrasonic measurements a reality in industry in the first place with the development of modern sonar and ultrasonic transducers and systems. The company has over 165 U.S. Patents, and yes the number is still growing. With Massa’s expertise and knowledgeable staff, we not only offer standard products, but also can custom tailor designs to better fit customer needs. Massa is also family owned and operated, so you know that the care given to all aspects of the business, from products to services, is personal. Come on over for a visit to the Massa Website to learn about our business and the MassaSonic™ FlatPack™: