NPF & PWM Family-Waterproof LED Dimmable Power Supply with PFC

Company Name: 
Mean Well USA, Inc

NPF family and PWM family are recently unveiled by MEAN WELL, the leading standard power supply brand , which are high-efficiency LED power-supplies (or drivers) engineered to have identical plastic enclosures and equip with various dimming functions suitable for LED lighting application demanded from nowadays market. NPF & PWM product families cover output wattages from 40W to 120W.
The principle for LED luminaire manufacturers selecting power supplies (or drivers) is not only focus on the basic input and output specifications , IP levels but also the flexibility accommodating various dimming applications and unifying the luminaire enclosure sizes during engineering design. For LED luminaire manufacturers, the ideal driver is “One size, various dimming functions! ”.
NPF family and PWM family are precisely engineered to that purpose having identical enclosures but different dimming functions which allow manufacturers to use same mechanical design with very little effort redesigning the system to adopt different dimming methods.