Quick Mount Agitator Drive for IBC Polypropylene Tanks

Company Name: 
American Machining, Inc.

The new AMI Quick Mount design totally simplifies and eliminates the age old problem of wrestling with the installation of an Agitator for poly tank applications.

AMI has developed the Quick Mount Agitator for ease of installation and to accommodate and fit over 4”, 6” and 8” poly tank openings with any existing thread design.

Now the Slip-On, Quick Mount Agitator drive can be dropped into and slipped over the tank opening and secured within seconds without the need for any tools due to its 3 point built in lock-down method.

The Slip-On, Quick Mount Agitator is ideal for the coatings, chemical and many other industries using intermediate bulk container (IBC) and poly tote applications. The agitator/mixer is a enclosed sealed system for mixing batch quantities of low and medium viscosity liquids thus eliminating the possibilities of contamination and leakage.

This quality American made product is designed for heavy usage, abuse and to provide years of continued service.

The Quick Mount Agitator is lightweight, portable; yet heavy duty providing maximum support and stability.  The agitator is made of solid stainless steel including 3 folding blade impellers for ease of insertion thru 4”, 6” or 8” openings. Agitator shaft lengths available in standard sizes but typically made to any length customer requires.

Impeller blades are also stainless steel and offered in standard diameter sizes 4”, 8” and  12’ diameters and up to any diameter required.

The quick mount H.D. Quick Mount Agitator is available in air-driven models. Electric models are available upon request.


• Easy Quick Mount, slip-on design

• Mounts in seconds – No tools required

• Fits over any threaded opening

• Heavy Duty, quality construction

• Long service life

• Enclosed system

• Special seal eliminates fluid leakage along impeller shaft

• Eliminates possibility of product contamination

• Lightweight - ease of handling

• Standard Air drive, available in Electric

• Stainless Steel agitator components

• Agitator Shaft Lengths available in multiple sizes 

• Agitator Impeller Blades available in multiple styles / sizes

• Made in America