Rule Checker Enforces Programming Rules, Improving Software Quality & Consistency

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LDRA recently announced its LDRArules tool, a programming rule checker that brings together a collection of rules from a broad spectrum of programming standards. Implemented as a stand-alone product, LDRArules enables development teams to improve their software quality by selecting and adhering to relevant industry programming standards. Companies can easily configure LDRArules for a specific programming standard or choose to enforce in-house programming templates and improve their overall software development methodology.

Developers can choose rules for a specific industry standard or they can select a combination of rules from a variety of standards, creating customized templates tailored for their company and projects. LDRArules documents which rules have been selected, ensuring complete transparency of what programming rules have been implemented.

Compliance with programming standards enables developers to:

• Promote portability and avoid unexpected results
• Ensure there is no reliance placed on compiler or platform-specific constructs
• Identify unreachable or infeasible code which often indicates a defect that will, at the very least, impact software maintainability
• Prohibit certain language constructs known to be a source of common errors
• Measurably reduce program complexity
• Improve program testability, easing standard compliance and certifiability