Simogear Geared Motors

Company Name: 
Siemens Industry Inc.

Siemens introduces Simogear, its new geared motor series, at PROMAT 2013 in Chicago, January 21-24. Simogear features helical, parallel shaft and helical bevel gear unit types with integral high efficient and NEMA Premium® efficient motors. The new series is especially well-equipped to meet the requirements of modern conveyor systems, including those found in warehousing, logistics and distribution, airport handling, automotive manufacturing, food & beverage and metals processing.

“This only strengthens our portfolio, and makes Siemens even more competitive in the market place as a single source for products and services,” says Doug Keith, President of Siemens Drive Technologies Division. “This, combined with our expedited order response procedures, lifecycle track and trace and localized manufacturing, should position Siemens as a vendor of choice.”

Siemens recently announced that it will deliver its Simogear geared motors from its new 45,600 square-foot assembly facility in Greenville, South Carolina. Siemens invested approximately $2 million in the facility, and its location places the company and its products close to machine builders and manufacturers.

Energy efficiency was one of the key design criteria for the new series. The Simogear two-stage helical bevel unit, with a mechanical efficiency of up to 96%, averages 2% higher efficiency than competitive three-stage units. It is available in a wide range of ratios, so it is ideal for replacing inefficient worm and spiroid units commonly found in conveying applications.

For motors, Simogear offers users a choice of high efficiency or NEMA Premium efficiency models. Notably, stepping up from high efficiency to NEMA Premium efficiency does not involve an increase in motor frame size or diameter.

Simogear is designed for automation engineering. As such, it integrates smoothly with Siemens drives and automation products, resulting in simpler commissioning and faster start-ups.

Options such as encoders and brakes give users the tools to meet the exacting demands of a wide breadth of applications. The patented Modulog mounting system allows users to add these motor options even after installation. Other options like motor connectors and SIMOLOC – Siemens keyless tapered bushing hollow shaft mounting system – support fast installation.

When it comes to ease of use, online configuration and tracking of shipments is only the beginning. RFID name plates, readable from several feet away, contain pertinent identification and service data. Smart Numbers completely identify each unique standard configuration down to the mounting position and color. The Smart Number is all that is required to get an exact duplicate of any standard SIMOGEAR unit. Couple this with Siemens extensive 24/7 service network for easy-to-access support around the world.