Smart Grid-Ready ECO TeleController

Company Name: 
WAGO Corp.

A new DIN-rail mount ETHERNET 2.0 ECO Telecontroller expands WAGO Corporation’s Smart Grid-Ready I/O portfolio. Based on the ETHERNET 2.0 Controller with SD Card, ECO Telecontroller supports Smart Grid integration of small, localized renewable energy producers. Compact and cost-sensitive, these producers accommodate a limited amount of I/O; however, utility incorporation relies on collecting precise network states. The ECO Telecontroller facilitates this by converting signals via connected I/O into utility-friendly, IEC-compliant data.
ETHERNET 2.0 ECO TeleController:
Packing an integrated Ethernet switch and dual Ethernet ports, 750-880/0025-0002 ECO TeleController maximizes space within compact substation control cabinets. ECO TeleController’s SD Card Memory Expansion slot supplements 1 Mbyte of data memory with up to 32 Gbytes of additional memory. It also allows transfer of device parameters or files, e.g., boot files, from one controller to another.

Applications include power reduction of renewable energy units, or the polling of thermal power stations to virtual power stations. Typically, small energy producers require just four modules and an End Module. Example: A power supply, two four-channel DI, one 4-channel AO and one 2-channel AI, ending the K-bus with a 750-500 End Module.

IEC-Compliant Family:
The ECO Telecontroller joins WAGO’s 750-872 TeleController and 758 Series Industrial PCs in providing IEC-compliant serial transmission, TCP/IP-based communication and protection. Adhering to the IEC global communication standard for infrastructure automation, WAGO Telecontrollers and IPCs provide control for medium- and high-voltage applications within electrical substations.

WAGO’s Telecontrollers can accommodate up to 16 digital I/O points within 12mm. This includes capital asset management I/O, e.g., Vibration and 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules.

WAGO TeleControl Technology will be on display at Booth 850 of DistribuTECH, San Diego 1/29–31.