Product Showcase Resources

Industrial Adhesives Selector Guide

Selector guide provides detailed information on choosing the best Dymax adhesives and curing equipment for glass, metal, and plastic bonding applications in the appliance, automotive, aerospace, alternative energy, and manufacturing assembly markets.

Masking Resins for Protection of Metal Substrates

The video shows a masking material being spray-dispensed onto a knee implant. Masking resins provide reliable protection of substrate surfaces during metal finishing processes.

Colorants-An Overview on Colored Resins

In this installment of Design Tips for Plastic Injection Molding, Gus Breiland gives an overview on resin colorants for injection molding plastic parts.

Designing for Moldability

Every process has its guidelines and limitations, injection molding is no exception. With this quick-reference user guide learn how to get real plastic molded parts made for your project faster.

Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides for Automated Assembly Equipment

A pneumatic linear slide combines an air cylinder power source with a guide mechanism that supports a workload over a precise linear path. Choosing from one of six typical slide styles is explained in relation to force requirements, load capacity, linear travel and operating speeds.