Product Showcase Resources

Protecting Cables From Oil Damage

Oil can cause polymers, such as those used for cable insulation and jacketing, to degrade and crack. Selecting an oil-resistant cable is the best way to avoid this failure mode.

BVI/MVI SERIES-Multispeed & Increasers

A range of multi-speed, reversing and speed multiplier gearboxes, designed for heavy duty and continuous operation. Standard cast housings offer many different mounting configurations. Customized designs are available for extreme working conditions.

Thermal Management for LED Applications

Better thermal management allows more forward current to be applied to the LED, which means more light and possibly reducing the number of LEDs required for the desired light output. Learn how Bergquist thermal solutions ensure color consistency and maximum lifecycles for your LEDs.

Switches & Relays

CIT Relay & Switch manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial, and HVAC thru-hole and surface mount switches and relays.

Optical vs. Magnetic: How to Pick the Right Encoder Engine

Consider factors like resolution, environmental conditions, magnetic noise, and budget when choosing the best sensing technology for your application.

FluiDyne Interchange Products

Your source for interchange hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and filters

Portable Electronics Devices - It's the Contacts that Count

BATTERY POWER – The Evolving Technology of Contemporary Battery Power and its Diverse Use Potential

PHD Designer's Resource - eTools

Our engineering tools take you from start to finish. One step at a time, you’ll go from initial design and specifications, engineering requirements, concept design, quotes, purchase, all the way to delivery. And that means more FREE time for you to do other things.