Product Showcase Resources

E-LINE MLR Series – Securing Data Center Enclosures

E-LINE by DIRAK is a mechatronic access control, monitoring and management system for individual enclosures or racks. This video shows how the system monitors and controls all access and can provide an audit trail.

Micro-Molding Very Small Parts

Aaron Johnson of Accumold talks about micro-molding some very, very small parts.

Material Selection with an Eye on Micromolding

This whitepaper provides a comparison study of the materials used in micromolding.

Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Minimizes Damage to Healthy Tissue

Researchers are using NI technology to precisely target deep-seated cancer cells with accelerated particle beams.

Series KG Impact Sensor & Programmer

Series KG Impact Sensors easily attach to and monitor any moving part of a machine or device and monitors impact. A PLC can interpret the signal to warn of erratic operation or shut down a system to prevent catastrophic failure.

Paired Sensor/Gateway Demonstration using Anaren Integrated Radio Modules

The Anaren Paired Sensor/Gateway Demonstration shows several different facets of low-power wireless communications in a single configurable demo package using very low-cost development kits.

EXAIR Catalog 26

Choose EXAIR as your source for problem solving products and to improve the efficiency of your operations. Catalog 26 includes new products, technical data, photos and drawings.