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Technologies: Electronics and Test


50W Power Supplies Added to Five Year Warranty RWS-B Series

TDK-Lambda Electronics and Test
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of 50W models to the five year warranty TDK-Lambda RWS-B series of AC-DC power supplies.

Technologies: Automation and Control


New WindShift™ WSE Swept-blade Design

Horton Automation and Control
All of the WindShift blades contain UV-stabilized materials with higher glass content than competitive products.

Technologies: Software and Hardware

Altium Limited

TASKING C Compiler for Renesas RH850 Automotive Microcontroller Family

Altium Limited Software and Hardware
New TASKING compiler broadens Altium’s offering for advanced 32-bit single-core and multi-core microcontroller based automotive applications, where ISO 26262 support is essential

Technologies: Materials and Assembly

Dow Corning

Durable, Colorable, Silky TPSiV Elastomers Proven Safe for Skin Contact in Wearable Electronics Applications

Dow Corning Materials and Assembly
TPSiV elastomers can be precisely color-matched to customer specifications and maintain their excellent, long-lasting aesthetics even for the most demanding wearable device applications.

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Technologies: Materials and Assembly

Good News & Bad News About Ocean Plastics

Materials and Assembly Publish Date: July 28, 2014
The amount of plastic clogging the ocean continues to grow. Some startling, not-so-good news has come out recently about the roles plastic is playing in the ocean, as well as more heartening news about efforts to collect and reuse it.

Technologies: Software and Hardware

GE Aviation, Lockheed & Optomec Star in Metal 3D Printing Project

Software and Hardware Publish Date: July 25, 2014
Optomec's third America Makes project for metal 3D printing teams the LENS process company with GE Aviation, Lockheed, and other big aerospace names to develop guidelines for repairing high-value flight-critical Air Force components.

In The News

SCADA Modernization of the Industrial Aqueduct of Lake Como


Lake Como, in northern Italy, is served by nearly 40 miles (60 KM) of aqueducts. The aqueduct draws its water directly from the lake and pumps it to storage tanks.

LPKF Introduces Seal of Approval


LPKF aims to further increase the quality of its LDS process and protect end customers from product pirates.

Rittal Sets Course for Further Growth

Rittal Corporation

Gregg A. Holst Named President of Rittal Corp.,Responsible for North American Market.